Saturday, August 07, 2004

At the zoo, of course....

Here it is just after midnight. I have a novel I'm almost finished with, and I think I could have had it done before midnight, but I decided to hold off and get a few words on Saturday's count with it.
The current count is 73,781 -- a bit longer than my usual first drafts, but short by a finished novel standard. Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoy going in and adding material after I get the main story told. And in this case, there is a lot of room for expansion in several areas. I have two good subplot threads with different POVs that I could write out.
But those changes will not come for at least a year. I write the first drafts and then let them sit for a good long time before I look it over again and decide what to add in. I'm too close to it right now.
However, I do have every intention of finishing. I think it won't be much more than 1000 words, if even that much.
So it's time to get to work!

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