Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Well, except for some odd coding that seems to have gotten in there, it looks all right. I'll be playing with it a bit more as I go along, but right now I really do have to get back to my real web work.

Should I mention now that I don't do 'live' coding any more at all? I looked at this stuff and blanched because I had forgotten so much of the material. It'll come back, I'm sure.

I have done two sets of web pages already today. I'm on to another two sets and then I hope to get to my writing. Yes, I'm another NaNoWriMo person. Return to Faneh-Thenyal is sitting at 10,525 words, with the first section done. There are six sections in all, so if I can keep them at 10,000 words, I should do fine.

I just can't believe it's already the sixth. Time to get back to work!

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