Thursday, November 15, 2001

Stopping at 3:45AM and 4119 words for a total of 38,202.

I had wanted to make 40,000 tonight, but my brain is turning off early. No matter.

I am almost through part 4. I think parts 5 & 6 are going to be shorter than the previous ones, which still works out all right. We will be hitting over 50,000 by the end. Only 12,000 more to go to get to the minimum word count. I can do this.

And then finish one short story and write two more -- and rewrite/send out several others. That all before the end of November. After that we go on to finish the novella/novelette and the last novel of the year in December. And if by some miracle I'm not still trying to write the last of those in the final hours of 2001, then I'll maybe do some short nf at the end of the year. Or a short story or two.

But right now, I'm done with this for the night.

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