Friday, November 16, 2001

The newspaper is done, the agenda is uploading. I still have a small agenda to do for the county, but that won't take long. Then an update to the 'What's New' Page, and I'll be about done with the major stuff for the web sites. There is something else that came in yesterday that I only just now remembered. I'll see if it's time sensitive. If not... tomorrow.

I am a much happier person when I can throw myself into a story and write like mad. Doing a thousand words is fine, but I hardly feel as though I've even dipped into the alternate universe at that point. I love having long stretches where I'm really caught up in the story and the words flow. I'm sure every writer is that way. I get that kind of feeling quite often, and even though I'm snarling and growling now, I know that as a I near the end of the novel, I am likely to drop in and not come out until it is done. That's the way I often work. I love the rush of words and excitment that leads up to The End.

Maybe some time this weekend...

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