Friday, November 16, 2001

I need a break.

No, not from writing. That's the one thing that I still very much enjoy. But a break from home, cats, working on the damned web pages...

Okay, it's really that last one. And it's not that I've even been over run with work lately, but it is the first thing I face when I get up, and I admit that I start dreading the idea of even looking in my email box. Today is not too bad. Newspaper and another agenda. I can do these and get on with the important stuff. The novel is waiting.

I finally ended at 40,552 last night. There was about 800 more words there, but I cut one scene and rewrote it, and then ended up doing it again with a slightly later scene.

You know what would be really nice? To have a 10,000+ word day and finish this one. I could do it if I could just get my focus on the story.

But I can't get anywhere near that if I don't go do the web sites.

I'll gripe at you more a little later...

Hmmm... I appear not to have posted this one.

Well, the newspaper site is uploading. This looks like an excellent time to post this and go feed the cats!


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