Friday, November 30, 2001

The last day of the month. I have most of my dare stuff completed, and I might get the last section. It's hard to say. I'm about 1000 words from making 100,000, too -- and I will do that, though it seems as though I'm having a very hard time drawing the words out. I've two new pieces -- yeah, like I needed to start something new, right? One is based on a Forward Motion Exercise, and it's about 700+ words right now.

The other is a Christmas Teddy Bear Poem. Last night I said I was not doing a story for this year. I've done one every year for the last seven, and I just didn't have a story in me. I was right. I had a poem, which now runs two pages and is probably better than the horrible story I put out last year. That's not saying a lot. I'm short one line and a title.

Hey, words are words at this point.

Okay, maybe four more lines because the last two didn't fit in quite as well as I hoped.

Ah, that's better... 460 words for the Teddy Bear Poem. Total of 792. That's done for now.

I'm sitting at 795 words for At the End of the Map -- that's all new for today.

and 47,322 words on Paid in Gold and Blood at the end of yesterday.

I need a total of 2452 words to reach 100,000. I have 1255, which means I'm a bit over half way there. I can do this. I don't know why it seems to hard!

Off to write....

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