Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Finally reached 2000 words. A bit over, in fact, but not by much. 12,546 total. I am now going to open The Good People of Coralville and do a little editing on it. I'm tired, though. I shouldn't be.

Novan is at the first gate to the city -- which is really not at the city itself, but sort of a long, tower spotted wall that stands between the wild lands and the grazing land for the city. He's still a few hours ride to the city itself, but he's met with the first messenger and knows that some thing is up. A Lord has arrived who normally doesn't leave his Eastern lands.

I am likely to skip most of the rest of the ride -- condence it down to a few sheep, another wall and gate, a ride through the old city, and arrival at the palace. It would be nice if I could do it in just that few words, too. (grin)

But right now I'm on to some editing.

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