Sunday, April 10, 2005

Well, that certainly put me behind....

I went to a small local convention this weekend. I didn't even know it was going on until the day before, but I went and printed up some flyers and visited with Julie Czerneda and her husband Roger and met Rhondi Vilott Salsitz who writes under so many names and has so much material out that I'm going to have to beg a list from someone just to get it straight.

I had a lovely time, but it did put me behind just at a time when I was starting to get caught up again.

But here it is, Sunday, and the start of a new week. I can start over on my schedule and see what I can get done this time. It would be interesting if I could make it through a full week without the Internet going down -- which messes up my work big time since so much of what I do is Internet related -- or something outside the list doesn't turn up to take my attention. So far I'm doing all right. I have the 2YN stuff very nearly ready to go up. That's week 67 for the first group and week 15 for the second group. That means only 37 more classes to write. A good part of that is going to be editing-related. I think I'll try to start that section on the first week of May. Then there's the whole query/synopsis and submission package stuff, along with looking for markets/agents. I think I'll work in a week or two of feedback at the end. I need, in fact, to look over my list for the last of the classes and make certain I have everything lined out the way I want to do it.

I've written about 150k for the class so far. I expect that it will be over 200k by the time I'm done. Some of it is repetitious. I keep finding spots where something needs to be addressed again (or at least I think so), and I work it back in. By year three I'm going to have all the material sorted out a bit better, too, I think. It will be interesting to be to a year where I'm not writing the stuff for either group.

I am behind on the reviews of the first three chapters, though. I'm sorry about that. I hope to get caught up soon. I think my new schedule (if I get a full week with it) is going to help.

My writing word count keeps falling a bit short, too. I need to do something about that, of course. Today I worked on Dancer. I'm still having trouble with the opening to Farstep Station, but I think I finally have part of the trouble worked out in my mind. I just need to see how to work it out on paper. I'm going to have to concentrate on it soon. I have no real choice. I'm going to print out the work and go over it. I'm just very low on paper right now. Ack.

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