Saturday, April 02, 2005


Lost in the weeds....

That's somewhat how I feel right now. I'm really not doing badly, just a little lost in what I should do next. Hold it! I've got a schedule!

(Checks through her papers to find the printout)

Ah! Zette Writing Day. Well screw the rest of this stuff, then.

I'd like to see Dancer hit 46-47k today. I'd really like to see it hit 50k, but that's not going to happen. I also have some writing to do on the Week 66 class. And more editing on Glory.

So time to work!


Urvi said...

I gave this picture just a passing glance until I saw how beautiful the green background is.

I love the picture now. =) I see so many symbolic aspects of it that it's hard to ignore it.

Zette said...

I'm glad you like the picture. It does have a number of elements that go unnoticed -- like you said, the green in the background, with all the life, and the golden weeds in front, winter dead. The deer walking from one to the other....

I need to do more photography again. (grin)