Monday, April 04, 2005

Welcome to Monday

Not a particularly good Monday, but I'm sure things will all work out. Started off with what appears to be an email misunderstanding and I think that's going to cleared up with no real problems. Then I spent all the rest of the day working on DTF stuff -- rejections, updates to the site, material going out to the copyeditors. Our second book should be released soon.

Russ is going to be late getting home, too. He wants to go out, and I don't know if I really feel up to it. Nothing sounds particularly good tonight.

And I got... a really odd email. Someone explaining to me the 'trick' for running a site like FM. It is to create a number of alter egos -- and have the mods do it too -- so that if anyone argues, there can be a whole horde of people to agree with us. She said this was how they did things at a different website and it helped with both the number of members at the site and in having everyone do what they wanted. They could post things and have lots of people jump in to agree so that no one really had a chance to argue about site changes or anything like that. LOL. As far as I can tell, the more people you have agree the more likely you are to draw people who will argue just to argue. You have to wonder if this site has any real people there or not. Let's see -- if they had ten mods, and each of the mods created five 'people' -- look, fifty regulars on the site who often post and keep everything heading in one direction. That really would skew things.

Sorry, no. We don't play those games at FM. If I'm going to make a change I think really needs to be done, I'll make it. The Mods and I often discuss improvements and changes, and problems, but it is my decision. I don't make changes on a whim, and I know that some people are going to disagree. People disagree over everything. Get used to it. If you can't handle it, then running a site really isn't for you. If all you want to do is tell people how it should be, a blog or something like that is far better.

I've been experimenting with a change in my zoo site again. LOL. It's like the never ending project. I think the new one will be brighter and easier to navigate. And easier to update, for that matter!

And that's it for me. I need to get some writing done, but I'm in such a poor mood that I've even been cleaning house. Never a good sign. (grin)


Holly said...

I had some idiot suggest the same trick to me when I was running the place. It's fascinating -- and utterly disgusting -- how many people find rigging the ballot box to be an acceptable practice if it means they'll get what they want, no matter what other people want.

Nice to know you weren't any more impressed by the idea than I was. I'm not surprised, of course. But I am heartened.

Zette said...

Can you imagine even trying to keep track of something like that? You'd need a damned spread sheet just to remember who said what when. LOL. I wouldn't even have time for anything like that!

I'm not surprised that other sites use games like this. There are some pretty shoddy practices out there. And let's face it -- a lot of people are in it not to help others, but to raise a gathering for their personal pleasure.

Voter Mom said...

Ew, that's such a creepy idea. *boggle*