Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dancer is done!

Congratulations to Sheila-Lynn Viehl for her showing on the USA best seller list! I remember being in chat with her when she was trying to decide between writing (as I recall) a fantasy series or a vampire series. I said go with the vampires because they were popular right now, and as fast as she could get things out, she could take advantage of it.

So, see, everyone should listen to me.

As if I really had anything to do with it. (grin)

In my 'Yay' news -- Dancer is done, including a lot of notes for the rewrite, which will not happen for several months. I had a couple insights right there at the end, including some odd stuff about doing collections of two stories for a few of the Devlin books, including Dancer (with Autumn Skies as the second story). So instead of trying to find new ways to expand Dancer for the third or fourth time, what I really need to do is tighten it up to about 50k and do the same with Autumn Skies, which suffers from some of the same problem. And remind myself that some stories are just certain lengths and that's what they are meant to be. Then I'll put the two together. They are the first two Devlin's Team stories, and I think they'd make a nice collection. Medusan Mutation is a full book after that, but then Missing Persons and Aldebaran Stopover could go together. There are at least three others (all full books): Legend, Wolf Pack, Honor. Last year I wrote a short story that I had intended to be the first of four, giving all of the team's members a story off by themselves, but I didn't get more than the first one completed. I liked it, though. Maybe one or two other novels in there that I can't remember. And there are at least three more that I would like to write in the series: That Which is Holy, Treason, Forest.

This is my first actually finished novel of the year, which is pretty pathetic for me. But at least it's something.

My new schedule seems to be helping out, even if I'm not sticking to it as well as I would hope. At least it saw me this far, which is better than anything else has done so far.

Other things? Right now there is nothing else going on around here. The weather is good. I've gone walking the last two days. Russ is very busy and going to be busier. I need to get caught up on other things now that I have Dancer done, and all I really want to do is write some more. Which is good. I'll turn that into edits for a while and work on Glory. That story is going very well, too. I'm going to be putting it out this month, I think. Yay!

And that's about it. I'm happy to have Dancer done and finally feel like I'm making progress on something. Right now, though, I have to go do some other work!

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