Thursday, April 28, 2005


Cute Willow

She's sitting on the back of my chair right now, which I did not expect. Usually it's Wind there, but he's where Pip usually is. Pips where Cricket sits, and Cricket is on the window ledge where Willow sits.

I get the feeling it's going to be one of those days.

I've started out with a bad ear ache, too. Hard to concentrate on anything, especially since the pain has worked up into my jaw and the ear is swollen closed. I so love spring. And it's been too cold to even go walking, so I don't know how this happened. I watched bands of snow heading our way last night, but I went to bed before it hit (if it did) and there was none on the ground this morning. It was 33f out when I got up, though.

Now, on the good news, writing is going very well. I'm over half way done with Kinship, which is sitting at about 58k right now. I have just about everything done for Vision except putting it together.

(Zelda is now standing on my mouse pad. Cats, cats everwhere! That's five out of the seven!)

I have to type in the corrections to Farstep Station. I have the hand editing done, but I've not started that part. I need to get started on it today. The book is due in May. The sooner I get it in to them, the better.

And besides, the publisher of Ada Nish Pura wants to get going on it again in May. So the more 'I have to get this done' stuff I can get out of the way, the better.

Do I have any real point in posting this this afternoon? Not really. I'm trying to get my fingers used to typing today (they seem to be rebelling for some reason), and I had that cute Willow picture, so why not?

I've been using my LJ to post updates on my work during the day. It's been a strange help, keeping me going so that I can post the next update. I'm hoping it will get me through at least 3k today. The fever and ear ache is annoying me, though.

Tea. Tea sounds good.

I think I'll maybe feed the cats first, though. See if I can't clear a little space for me to work....

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Jean said...

Sorry to hear about your ear, Zette. I hope it feels better soon.

As for the cats, check their food bowl. When that assemblage of beasts appears in our house, it means they can see the bottom of their food bowl between the remaining food nuggets.