Monday, April 25, 2005

Okay, yes, I am crazy

(This is my third picture for this post. I kept finding I had used the previous ones! Well, this is out of my zoo collection, and I know I haven't used anything from there in a while!)

Lately I've been playing around a lot with various journals, blogs, LiveJournals. I have been devoting my new LJ to tracking my writing and other work, and how long it takes me to get specific jobs done. And at what point in the day I burn out on trying to get too much done. It's been interesting -- well, from my point of view. The posts are boring as hell.

Tonight I started a new blog called Visions of Now which I intend to be only for photography and occasional digital art. The most writing it will get is an occasional haiku.

I realized that I need some stuff outside of writing. I love photography, but I tend to let it slip off into 'oh grab something for the journal' realms. A day or so ago I found the Photo Friday challenge, and I realized it would be fun. (Link on the Visions of Now blog) It would be a new kind of challenge for me. One that does not require that I write or edit anything.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Well, at least it does right now at 1 AM. In a few days I may get wise and delete everything.

Writing, by the way, is going along just fine. Getting lots done. Just remembered I have some editing to do tonight, though, so I had better get to that now!


Jean said...

Bookmarked both the new blogs. Remarkable.

Zette said...

Crazed is the word you are really looking for, you know.