Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Long day, but good!

Worn out Pip!

I did quite a bit of writing today and I'm happy. I'm always happy when writing works. I'm really very easy to please. (grin)

My wonderful husband also brought me home a nice bannana split... which I didn't need, but really enjoyed. (grin)

I shared with Pip and the other cats. A little.

On news stuff....

I was surprised to find that they had named a Pope so quickly. Another Benedict... interesting. I suspect that this does show a step back in reactions. Not a surprise. The Catholic Church has never been exactly out in the forefront of change.

And, of course, it's also time for all the rude people to come out and attack others for their religious beliefs. Not a surprise there, either. Of course the same people expect respect for anything they believe or say.

I come from a strong Roman Catholic Irish Family, complete with nuns and priests. I am not Catholic. I'm not even Christian.

But I respect that others have a heartfelt belief in their religion, whatever it might be. It's unfortunate that we live in a world where rude is pandered to, and attacking people for everything from their religion to where they work (or what they write) is considered brave and intelligent by others.

Still, anyway... I'm quite happy with my writing. I'm going to go watch the lovely storm for a while!


J.A. Coppinger said...

"I come from a strong Roman Catholic Irish Family, complete with nuns and priests. I am not Catholic. I'm not even Christian."

I come the exact same background and hold the same stance. It's actually funny how many people I meet that have the same story. Doesn't speak to well for the Church when they can't hold onto their own.

As for the rest, it's all about tolerance. We need a lot more of it.


Zette said...

I can't blame the church -- my mother had been in a convent, decided that wasn't for her, and then married the entirely wrong man. Not of the fatih even, so to speak. They were never happy, and religion was about the last thing that they ever considered.

I understand the questions about the new Pope, of course -- but there is a difference between questions and attacking someone for what they believe. I'm always amazed by that part, because it so often comes from the ones who are waving the banner of diversity or demanding tolerance for themselves.

C Rowe-Myers said...

Hi Zette,

Looks like you're back on track and going strong. :) I'm getting there. My pics from the signing are up. Haven't had much time to read, but am loving your book. Takes me far away from this world. :D Keep up the good work. Cathy