Thursday, February 26, 2004

Well, I've gotten a little of the work done on the lists from the other day. I have everything for Vision done that I can get at the moment, which is very good. We even have a new look this issue, and it's a bit easier to put together. So far I'm fairly happy with it.

I have a story up that I'm preparing to send off as a submission. Yay! I hate getting down to the last few days and doing this, but I had been thinking about this particular one for over a week now. I just hadn't gotten it pulled up to do the latest edit before it goes off into the world again. (Straighten your jacket, and where did that bit of mud come from on your shoes? I'm sure they were clean the last time you went out!)

Ha. I went ahead and edited and sent it before I post this. So that's one more piece of work out of the way. An important one for me -- I have sent at least two submissions off a month since 1998, I think. I hate to break records like that.

I have contracts ready to mail back to people. I have to do the checks tonight. I also need to get my scanner working because a couple people only sent me one copy of the contract, so I need to have copies for my files. I've not had a working scanner for a while, so this might be a trick...

Beyond that, not too bad tonight. I need to get the next class finished up for Back to School. No, for Two Year Novel. Well, Back to School as well, now that I think about it.

Doing the 2YN class is very interesting, though. We're about to hit a spot where people are going to be working on different aspects of worldbuilding and outlining. And then... novel writing will start. I think some of the people are getting good things from the class.

To be honest, I'm just getting a little crazy. So much work to get done...

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