Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Lady Jane

Trying to get back to work on things... and it's not easy today. The cold I have got considerably worse over night. I'm trying to do some house work, but that's not going over very well.

I have to start working on a synopsis for Muse. This is going to be an... interesting experience. Yes, Interesting is obviously the word I'm looking for since I'm sure it's not actually insane or maddening that I'm really thinking.

I don't think I'm up for this kind of work today. But will I be up for it at any time in the near future? I sent off a query. What if they want the synopsis? I had better have it done, right?

I'm going to use one done by Rosemary Edghill as a guide and see what I can come up with. If I translate it from her story to mine, paragraph by paragraph... Yeah, I can do this. Right.

My plan for today had been to clean house. That's not working out very well, though I cam picking things up here and there as I leave the office. I should do more work in here as well, but at the moment...

You know, I'm actually getting a little excited about this synopsis thing. Now that I have a plan on how to handle it, I think the best idea is to leap in and at least start the work. I did a good query letter, which surprised me. But it gives me hope for this as well.

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