Monday, February 09, 2004

That is looking south at the Missouri River, which has bits of ice on it. Sometimes it freezes completely across, though not as often as it used to (Can you say Global Warming?). Actually, you don't want it to, especially later in the winter. Once the spring thaw comes, those pieces of ice can pile up and make a blockage that causes the river to overspill and flood. That happens quite often on the Platte River, which is a very shallow, wide river that floods almost every spring when the melt from the Rockies hits it.

Anyway, ice jams sometimes have to be dynamited out of the way. There's something for a story.

I'm working on the query letter for Muse. Tricky little things, these query letters! But I'm giving it a try. I might even try my hand at some agents. Since mystery is not a genre I know very well at all, I think going the agent route this time around might help. I've been searching out agents who represent not only mystery, but sf and fantasy as well. If they do young adult as well it's a bonus.

My work is still almost totally focused on Muse and the novel class right now. I like being focused on Muse, but I know that it's not going to last more than a couple more weeks. And that's just because that's about how long it will take me to finish the work, at least at the rate I'm going.

I discovered today that I have a limit in the number of I MUST GET THIS DONE NOW projects that I can do at once. The Two Year Novel course is top of my list, but then I was suddenly hit with a Back to School for Busy Writers project. Even though I chose something fun and that I know quite a bit about, getting both of those classes done each week was... well, annoying me if nothing else. So I'm trying to cut back a bit.

Of course, now I need to start working on Vision to have it done by the end of the month, so I suspect this whole plan is not going to last for long...

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