Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I have got to get caught up on work. That's all there is to it. I'm out of time on way too many things.

Lucky for me that I feel somewhat up to the work today, which I haven't exactly been great on lately. My stomach is still giving me fits, but I can live with that one.

So, what do I have to do?

Vision stuff:

1. Edit more articles
2. Sign contracts, write checks, prepare for mail
3. Finish my own pieces for this upcoming issue
4. Start putting the issue together
5. Look into getting a new program to make the PDA version, since I can't make the last one work properly now.

Site stuff:
1. Do another B2s class since I'm behind on one.
2. Update more of the forums to get the proper moderators listed.
3. Work on the next 2yn class.

Writing stuff:

1. Get a short story edited and out (I think it's going to be Three Fragments of a Broken Life).
2. Line edit more of Muse
3. Rewrite more of the line edited Muse.

Hmmmm... how much of this will I get done today?

Oh, not much since even as I type this I just got the proof copy of something new coming up from Double Dragon.

(Pounds head on keyboard -- ajklftyipowjaslkoifwurlaj -- no, just didn't help.

Back to work, back to work... lucky for me I already got a good amount of writing done today, even if it was on something I'm going to have trouble placing anywhere...

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