Monday, February 23, 2004

Another shot of Maynard. Yes, he's still that cute.

After a couple weeks of falling farther and farther behind on everything, I'm doing my best to get caught up now. I have a few thigns at FM to handle, and I need to buckle down on Muse and get the work done there. Oh, and Vision, of course. I'm getting that one done. There are going to be a few more changes this time around on it, and I hope that makes it easier to deal with.

Too many projects... but none of them I'm willing to completely abandon at this point. I just need to get a little better control of my time. Yes, yes -- I say that a lot. But I'm making progress. I just keep getting knocked back by unexpected problems.

But still, I think I'm pulling things back out of the muck and getting them lined up for proper work.

As long as it keeps being fun, why should I worry?

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