Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The Old

And The New

Yes, we already did it. Russ came home early tonight and said we should do it then, while we had the money to buy the camera. We can get the extra stuff for it (like a memory stick and such) later. It has just enough built in memory to do about nine or ten pics at the full resolution, and that's enough to play around with here at home.

As you can tell, there's a huge difference in size. That's a 4 by 6 print picture behind the two cameras. Despite it being so much smaller, the new camera has as good a zoom (or maybe a little better) and is far more powerful than the CD1000. I'm going to look forward to taking it out and seriously playing with it.

I really can't wait for the first trip to the zoo!

I'm not unhappy about not getting the Konica Minolta that I had been looking at. This one is 1/3rd the price and really has a lot of the same features. I won't be carrying around heavy lens, either. I was looking at buying a wheeled suitcase for goign to the zoo. (grin)

I'm going to start up a new photo collection -- more than just zoo shots -- again. So far I've only done this:

This is going to be quite a distraction for a while!

Oh yes, I do like it a lot. There's quite a bit to learn with it, but so far I'm doing fine!


Mariko said...

Congrats on the new camera! How exciting.

Jean said...

Congrats, Zette. Gorgeous camera.

Zette said...

Thank you! It's going to be a while before I can really take it out and use it much. I can't afford a memory stick for it just yet, but it does have 32mg of internal memory -- enough for about ten to twelve pictures at a shot. That's been pretty good for practice around the house. And they download easily enough!

I am, of course, looking forward to the zoo. Maybe in a couple weeks!