Sunday, January 22, 2006

PIcture 15480

The pictures I have been posting here the last few days are from my CD1000 collection. I've been using Picasa's 'Blog This' tool, and just letting it drop the picture into place. It's really kind of handy.

I love this picture. A waterfall of stuffed animals!

The news today is kind of funny. I picked this bit of information up from my favorite digital website:

This has to be the biggest and most shocking news before the upcoming PMA show, Konica Minolta has today announced that it is withdrawing from the camera and photo business. They will be transferring assets related to their camera business to Sony who will continue to develop digital SLR's based around the Konica Minolta lens mount. Konica Minolta it appears will continue to work with Sony (a relationship announced last year) in the development of digital SLR's and lenses but they will not be branded as or be sold by Konica Minolta.

Ha. So the company I really like is picking up the camera stuff I really wanted to buy, but couldn't afford at the time. And wasn't really sure about because... well, it wasn't the company I liked doing the digital stuff.

Okay. I can live with this.

I'm nearly done with the CD1000 pictures. After that I have a disk of FD7 pictures, and then a disk of the first 100 FD9 disks. Then hundreds more of those, but I won't be doing them all in a row like this set.

Kat Among the Pigeons is going very well right now. For a book I wrote in ten days, it's holding up pretty well. The rewrite has started moving smoothly again now that I got past a worrisome point that I couldn't quite work out for a couple days. I think it's all falling together very well, now.

I have the new camera up on the tripod now. It looks so small compared to the last one, but I've had some wonderful examples of how much more powerful it is. Amazing what they can do these days.

I guess it's time to get back to work, though.
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Jean said...

That's great news. Things look brighter already. I love Memory Sticks. The largest I have is 256M, though. In addition to the 32M that came with the camera, I picked up three 128M sticks, and that works for me.

It might be worthwhile to see if several smaller sticks would cost the same or less than the 1G. I use the full 5M capability and find the 128M sticks comfortably sized. 256M, of course, is better. The 256M is a Pro, and my printer won't recognize it directly. That's not a big deal--just an annoyance. My 8-in-1 reader reads all of them just fine.