Friday, January 20, 2006

Picture 8767

Yes, I'm still working away at this. I hope to make it to 10,000 tonight -- which will not be half way through the CD1000 sets, but I'm not sure how far short of the number. The earlier disks had far more pictures (at a lower quality) than the later ones. But sometimes I dropped the quality for special reasons -- fireworks, where it really wouldn't matter much, and stuff like that. I do know that with maybe one exception every disk should have at least 100 pictures on it, and usually closer to 200.

I'm on disk 40 out of something over 100. It's slow going in some ways, but....

But it is giving me time to think. And to do little odd writing things while sets of pictures copy to the hard drive -- and longer stretches as I copy huge groups off to the DVD burner.

When I'm done with the originals I'm boxing them up and storing them at the other house. Eventually I'll do a second run of labeling on them, too. Right now, for instance, I have all the cats just under a 'cats' listing. Later I'll merge the sets of 'cats' and sort again by cat name. Same with things like birds and such.

Eventually I might actually be able to find something.

You know, I've always been amused by our video collection, which has over 12,000 entries. This is just the CD1000 pictures. I might have nearly as many on the old FD91 and FD7 disks. And then there's the print and slide stuff.

It's going to be.... interesting.

Oh, and the new camera is lovely. I can't afford a Memory Stick for it yet, but once I do, the two of us are going to be really going places! (grin) Posted by Picasa

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