Tuesday, January 24, 2006

22,065 pictures

I've completed the CD1000 collection, at least in the first pass.

I also found a couple major problems with Kat Among the Pigeons that I think I've worked out. I'm closing in on 300 pages there, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'd like to have hope for it in the publishing world, but it's hard to keep thinking that about novel after novel, even when you really do think they're good.

We'll see. I'll have it done soon.

Right now I'm copying a cd that has all the old FD7 photos on it. This was the first digital camera I had, at less than a megapixal in power. They're small pictures, but many of them aren't bad. There are 2638 of them, though, so it's taking a while to copy off to the hard drive. From there I'll import them in to Picasa, sort them, and save them all off on a DVD. I think there will be enough room on the end of the one I'm doing for the last of the CD1000 pictures.

After this, the work will start getting tougher. I need to find all the disks for the FD91. The first 100 are copied off on a CD, so those won't be hard. After that.... I don't know.

And then I can move on to the print and slide stuff.

Maybe I should just go back to writing!

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