Saturday, February 19, 2005

Vision Weekend

Bunny Looks at the Moon

(Two pictures combined, both taken with the trust CD1000, the cloud picture at sunset, the moon picture a little later that night)

I have Vision articles to edit and get off to the copyeditor this weekend. I also have more work on Farstep Station, most of it in the last third of the novel where I need to both cut references to things that are already missing from the first two-thirds as well as cut down about 5k more words in general. I'm not worried. This is still going well, despite being feverish for a week now. Better today, at least. Although possibly not... I got up and started cleaning the kitchen before I even sat down with my computer. That's just not natural.

The hardest part of yesterday's work was a 75 word blurb for the new Dark Staff book which will be out this week. For some reason I could not get my brain around the concept. I think part of it may have been the problem of being removed from the novel by a few books and being knee-deep in Farstep Station with a little hint of Ada Nish Pura bouncing around in there despite my attempts to keep it in line for the time being.

I expect this to be a good work weekend. Russ has three friends in town from various places and they're all next door playing some old SPI games for a couple days. The weather is looking gray and rainy (no snow predicted until Monday). My kitchen is looking a little cleaner. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get a lot of stuff done today.

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