Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Long day

Ack. What a day. I'm getting there on writing, but it's not been easy. All kinds of silly interruptions, including someone who couldn't take a polite hint that maybe adjusting his attitude in chat would be a nice thing and not cause people to be annoyed when he showed up. The letter I got back from him made my husband mad -- I shrugged it off, though. Why waste the time on these children?

But it did take time to write and explain the problem. I expected, in fact, to get a rude note back, but I always feel that people deserve at least a chance to correct problems before they get worse. He said he's not coming back, and that's fine by me.

I'm into chapter two of Ada Nish Pura. Trying to get the balance of story/explanation/details all right. My MC has met the natives for the first time. He understands very little of what they're saying.

Farstep Station is doing well, too. I've cut about 4k total, and I have quite a ways to go with it. I know at least one subplot I'm cutting out as soon as I get to it. I think this is going to be a really good story when I'm done. I hope so. (frets)

What else? Nothing. My life revolves around writing and FM. Oh, I do some DTF stuff too -- wrote a rejection tonight and moved on to the next novel in the queue. Need to post the updated tracking page. Need to move faster on some of that stuff. And the next 2YN things. And....

I need some sleep! Or a clone. Or maybe both!

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