Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! So there!

Yes, I'm one of those people who find Valentine's Day a sweet holiday. I have a lovely box of chocolates, a cute new bear, and Russ and I went to a place that just opened up here in town -- but which used to be located elsewhere. We went out on some of our first dinners there, so that was fun. He's not feeling great yet, so we came right back home. But I had a nice time.

While reading through journals over the last few days I suddenly started thinking about Saudi Arabia's morality police (CNN article a few days ago), with their 'you can't sell red flowers before Valentine's day' because the holiday is immoral. I've come to think we're growing our own morality police, and they're not the people you think. Perfectly liberal, open-minded people get snarly at this holiday: You shouldn't celebrate this day, you shouldn't buy this, you shouldn't do that -- honest to God, people, that's the most pathetic bit of 'I'm not having fun, so you shouldn't either' reaction I've ever seen! It's attempt to somehow make Valentine's Day and a lovely sentiment into something crass. It's only crass if that's the way the person celebrating it intended it. And for those of you who think that Valentine's Day is bad because a couple shouldn't just say 'I love you' on a certain day -- you're right. And I don't know a single (happy) couple that does leave it to just one day. If that's the way you're treating it, that's your problem or the problem of the person you are with.

Really, thinking about it -- despite all the kidlet valentines and such, it is really the only fun holiday 'designed' for adults.

But on to other things. For those of you keeping track of such things -- the final season of Angel should be out tomorrow in some places. This is odd for me. I never watched Buffy or Angel on TV -- I started with the first DVD Buffy collection and that's how I know the shows. It's the most 'current' show I watch. I get the set and generally end up watching a disk a night. I can't imagine how it must have been, watching one a week.

I did a considerable amount of cutting on Farstep Station yesterday. I'm really pleased with it. I am looking at a set of events now that I need to compress, and that should get me right about where I need to be. I also realized I need something else off the opening, though. I'm still working that bit out in my mind. Today's work is mostly on the new short story -- and not much work at all. I watched a show with Russ and generally just had a good time.