Saturday, February 12, 2005

Getting Work Done

There are days when even I don't really want to work on anything. Today is one of them. Russ is very ill and I'm on the edge of ill, but fighting it off. I did the class material for the 2YN classes. I printed out the material for the next chapter of Ada Nish Pura. I could begin work on that, even though part of me says to wait until I hear back from the publisher on the first three chapters.

I could work on Farstep Station, which is likely what I'll mostly do. I have gotten quite a ways on it, and I'm really enjoying the experience of cutting huge chunks out of a story. LOL. It's been a very interesting and entertaining experiment. I like what I've gotten so far, but I'm farther into the story now and it might be that I can't cut as well as I hve been prior to this. Which will be a problem, since I need at least another 20k to disappear, and probably more.

Still, I think I can do it.

I accidentally started a short story tonight. I was doing an example for the class and... well... I kind of fell into it and like it. I posted it on the Writing the Rest of the Year Blog. In fact, I've been doing a lot of snippets there, if anyone is interested.

And now... must go write more!

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