Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trying to work

Two in the morning, and I am just barely starting to get down to the writing work that I intended to do this weekend. Oh yeah, and most of the weekend gone, too.

I did get two classes posted tonight, though. We're up to week six on one class and week 58 on the other. I'm going to start heading toward final edits, market research, submission packages, dealing with editors and all the rest of that. I've been reading the first three chapters for people in the second year of the class, too. That takes a lot of time!

I need to work on Farstep Station (which is my Yard Dog Press Double Dog story -- did I mention that anywhere around here? Too many blogs, not enough brain cells. I think that's going to be my new motto.) Anyway, the story is far too long as it stands, but I know I can edit huge chunks out of the story because when I read it much of it seemed to repeat actions. I could get a lot more done in a simpler storyline, and have the added advantage of condensing the action.

But I'm just not getting anywhere tonight. I just spend a couple hours reading random blogs, following links from one place to the next. Not even a reason for it. I think my brain needed a break.

I'm going to take my iPAC and take a nice relaxing bath away from this computer. I'll get more done that way.

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