Monday, February 21, 2005

Bad Night

A waterfall at the zoo (which I hope to see soon again)

I think I may have mixed up some of my medications last night. Or something. At any rate I had a horrible bout of dizziness that is still lingering there on the edge of my movement. My blood pressure isn't great but it's not horrible, so I don't think it's actually that. It might be sinus related. No matter what, it was nearly impossible to walk from my office to the bedroom last night. I've spent most of today just being very still, which helped.

And then I remembered that I hadn't gotten the work for the county done, and I couldn't ignore that one. So I'm up and doing a few things. I have emails that I will answer tomorrow. I have work to get to, but this seemed like a wake up call to just relax for a bit. It helped right until I realized I hadn't done the County stuff. LOL

But I've gotten a bit of work done tonight so that's good.

And I'm going to be one of the many lower echelon guests at ConQuesT this year. I need to get the bio done for them, so off I go to do some career type work! Yay!

Now if I can just get my head to work properly....


Holly said...

Hope you're feeling better today.

Linda said...


I hope you're doing better, Zette.

Margaret said...

Hugs, Zette. That sounds pertty miserable. Hope it was a temporary thing and not this sinus flu that's being passed around like the latest fad.

Cool on ConQuest. You sounded like you had a good time last year. And you'll make it work somehow *grin*.

Zette said...

Thanks everyone. Feeling better today, and so incredibly behind on everything that I'll need another February to get caught up.