Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Thanks those of you who commented on the note from the last post. The notes of this type don't really upset me as much as annoy me. Sometimes I edit them and send them back -- I am often amazed at the truly bad writing. When I start getting several I've found that one of the best ways to get them to stop is to post a bit on my weblog and let others have at it. I have not gotten another note since then. I think the embarrassment factor kicks in for some of these people, and they disappear for a while.

By the way, I see 'stoopid' often on the boards and chat. I can't decide if these people really think that's a proper spelling, or if it's just one of those silly 'net-isms' that drop into writing.

These are not 'trolls' in the common meaning of the word. Most of the notes I get of this type are people specifically peeved about something I've done. They tend to show up when I'm doing something new at the site, which I think is kind of funny. And rewarding, in an odd way. People are paying attention. People notice. (grin)

I as often delete them as answer/edit/post. The only time I start getting annoyed is when my email starts getting filled up and I have to stop and check them to make certain it isn't a 2YN person asking questions. I have too little time as it is.

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