Friday, May 14, 2004

For the last few days I've been thinking about altruistic behavior -- of acting not for your own betterment and gain, but rather for that of others. I never would have put myself into that category, and yet here I am, willingly spending more time helping other people with their writing than I spend on my own. How odd to realize that I have made that change in life. On most days I spend far more time writing the 2YN class and discussing individual's material, working at FM, and doing Vision stuff than I do writing on any material of my own.

I am not complaining. I've found that I really like trying to help others with their novels and writing, both in the 2YN class and in other parts of FM. I'm just surprised. If you had talked to me a couple years ago, I never would have said I would be spending the majority of my time not writing, but helping others to write. The class takes a lot of time, but the site takes just as much if not more.

I am going to have to try to balance this out a little better, though. I have several novel outlines lined up and growing by bits and pieces, and I need to get serious about any one of them and get to work on the writing -- or at least get serious enough to finish out the outline. I can always store them up for NaNo. (grin)

I will probably start taking a day off a week just to write. Most of the site work is going well and though there are a considerable number of things that I need to get done, I can afford one day for my work.

One thing that has been helping lately is my to do list. Things get dropped onto it. Right now there are 9 things listed, and the last is to work on the next short story for the May Challenge. I need to start moving those sorts of things closer to the top.

Of course, I also have to decide what day to take for writing...

Today is NOT it.

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