Sunday, May 23, 2004

A good part of today was taken up thinking about the stupid things that people do, and never consider the consequences. My latest stupid thing (at least of the large sort) was to bring four young cats into a house with several older cats, and expect everything to be as calm, quiet, and peaceful as it had been before. This was a very stupid move on my part, and I'm paying for it with a lot of cat disagreements, broken objects, and considerations of booting at least one or two of them back into the yard. Not to mention that some of the cats who have been around for ten or more years being really not happy with me right now.

I know I was stupid to do this. I admit it. And as much as I like the new guys, I can't say that this has been a good choice for them over all. But I think that we'll all learn to live with it.

Looking around, I have noticed a lot of stupid things going on with people, but most of them seem to not realize they have set themselves up for what follows. In some cases, the idea that there should be any fallout takes them entirely by surprise. Did they do something stupid because (1) they are a child and didn't know any better, (2) they were just too stupid to think out the consequences, or (3) they were just too rude to consider that anything they do would be wrong?

I fall into the second spot, especially when it comes to cats. I know cats. I should have seen this entire year of trouble coming, and considered the consequences. But I didn't. On the other hand, except for Russ no one is going to suffer for this except me, and I'll work it out for myself.

Life has consequences, even when we unintentionally do something wrong. A person starts piling up negative points and they reach a critical number and consequences happen. When that person then spends all the time trying to shift blame to everyone else, it doesn't negate that 'bad karma.' At some point people just have to live with the consequences of their actions. It's an unfortunate part of living in the real world.

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