Wednesday, December 31, 2003

That is the truly lovely cover to my latest ebook release. A great way to end out the year, don't you think?

Less than 24 hours to the end of the year. I'm still fighting my way through a number of things that need to be done. We have an incredible amount of stuff going on over at Forward Motion. And I still have to finish off my final short story. I'm almost there.

It's been an odd year, hasn't it? I certainly didn't expect to find myself starting 2004 with Forward Motion fully in my hands, plus being the science fiction and fantasy acquisitions editor for DDP. And Vision is (as always) going very well. I have a stack of contracts to sign and send off after Friday when we finally get the money in the bank and print out the checks.

And I have a very lovely outline that I'm looking forward to starting in about twenty hours. You know, put that way, I suddenly feel as though I don't have nearly enough time left.

I've told Russ that I intend to only write about half a million words next year, and I think that sounds like a lovely, calm goal. The editing I intend to do will likely drive me mad instead. (grin)

Here's hoping 2004 will be a happier year for all of us. For writers, a productive and published one.

And everyone have fun!

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