Monday, December 29, 2003

Well this year is going fast, isn't it?

I'm actually doing all right. Haven't finished my final short story for the year... but then if I did I'd just have to write another one in a very short time. So I'm just writing along at a sedate 500-1000 words a day. And then I'll notice it's the 31st and I need four or five thousand to finish it and go nuts. My life works that way.

Vision is closer to finished, too. Not done, but getting there.

I'm amazed, in fact, that things seem to be falling together pretty well. I still have a little bit over two days in which it can all go to hell, but for the moment, it looks good.

Oh, had an amusing round of email with another clueless person. This one emailed to complain about something at the site. I corrected him on it. He then emailed to say that I had no right to email him.

Where do these children come from?

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