Sunday, December 07, 2003

Had trouble getting to my edit page for Blogger today! Doesn't that figure? I don't post for ages, and then when I start up again, I have trouble.

I've done very little writing for the last three days, but I hope today to get my attention back on finishing up the last of the Dark Staff book first drafts. I'm in the midst of the climactic battle, and I think I only have about 3-4000 more words to go in this draft. Like many others, it's running short. But that's the way I work, and I ought to be used to it by now. Once I have the main story line down in the first draft, I have a much easier time seeing where I want to expand and what I want to do.

Next year is looking more and more crowded with edits. I think I'm going to sit down and work out a schedule this time, rather than trusting myself to do the editing early rather than when it needs to be done.

I have one novel outlined to start on January 1 so I'm set for that day, at least. But there is so much else that I need to work on before then! Ack! No time! No time!

(Zette rushes off, fingers flying across the keyboard, trying to get one thing done so she came move on to the next...)

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