Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Busy. Busy busy busy busy.

(Rushes around like kittens looking for toys...)

I rather enjoy being busy most of the time. At least if it's all moving along well, which things are doing right now. I just have a couple minor problems... like the fact the medication I'm on gives me annoying, back of the head headaches. And my cdrom read/write drive died. And it's cold here!

It's the headache that is the only thing slowing me down. I have all the work lined out to do, and if I can just get a good run on it, I don't have any problems. But getting into the work itself is really difficult. I can't think past the headache a lot of times, even when everything is quite easy and wouldn't take much time at all to finish.

But there it is... that sliver of pain that works its way into the back of the head and puts a block between me and what I should be doing. Pick something up and start, and it's going to just leap up and try to stop me. It's hard to believe, sometimes, that the medication is helping -- but it is dealing with other problems that must be dealt with, and I know that, too.

In the mean time, I'm picking away at Book 8 and almost done. I've gotten quite a bit of work on the Novel class done. I'm working on one of my Vision pieces right now, and I've managed almost 600 words.

But I would really like to get a good run on something and even enjoy the work while I do it.


Back to work...

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