Friday, October 03, 2003

Yes, that is my name on the cover. Print and download versions at Echelon Press

I'm actually a couple days behind on this because I am working so hard at getting things done before November and the dreaded return of NaNoWriMo. Things are looking good so far, so I expect total disaster before too long.

One of the things I want to get done is Glory. I pulled it out tonight and began to work, and it went very well. I think I'm finally ready to do the last 127 pages. I'm excited about it, in fact. I intend to get down to at least 125, if not 120, before I go to bed. I started at about 139 earlier tonight.

The word count, when doing this kind of thing, is naturally low. But the work is good.

The three kittens are still living in my office and really starting to get into trouble. I had forgotten (after nine years) how much kittens can get into. I just had to go save the statue that CJ Cherryh gave me from the black and white little girl, who suddenly leapt to ehvery highest shelf in the room. Oh dear. (Looks up and tries to decide what else to save at this point...)

The guys will be leaving the room just as soon as all three of them are calm enough to be petted. I don't want them loose in the house and too wild to come to us. They're getting there.

Okay, 3am. Time to go get the rest of my editing done for the night and get to bed!

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