Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Okay, yes they are goofy.

Chances are very good that I'm not going to the zoo tomorrow, but I should have another chance at it in a couple weeks. I'll be sorry not to go -- I don't get many chances and I've only been to the zoo once this year. However, since I'm having trouble with my leg, it's probably not that bad of an idea to wait.

Back to the writing part of life... I'm about 60 pages from finishing Glory, and that is going to be my focus for today. I think I can get it done if I don't get too side tracked with other material. It will need at least one more read through/clean up. I also have to do a timeline track for the days because I kept changing the dates and stuff.

I'm on page 61 our of 553. I'll report as I go along.

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