Sunday, October 12, 2003

Things are going well!

We have a very good turn out for NaNo this year from Forward Motion -- it's good to see all the people from the site who really enjoy getting into the fun side of writing. Yes, yes. Warped, silly, and only crazed people like us would really think something like this is fun... but there you are. I never clamed to be anything but crazed, and it's pretty obvious that I'm not alone.

There's been a lot of people showing up at FM, new ones finding us for the first time (to the tune of 50 or more a week again) and long time members wandering back in and getting involved in the aspects of the site for which it was created -- writing. I'm glad to see it happen. We've got a lot of really great stuff going on again, and people who are interested in writing really ought to take advantage of it.

I put out two submissions today and wrote a short story, and did some work on Badlands. I've had the first word from one of my beta readers on Glory, and so far so good.

(Nazir just came up to me and I gave him a kiss right on the nose. He's been a bit standoffish, but he's getting over it. The little girl is doing sligtly better too. She actually stands by the chair and has been known to climb up on the edge of the desk.)

Tonight I found the old synopsis to Badlands, and I'm going to go over it and see what I think. Actually, I found two versions, which seems odd. One must have been for Ace and the other for Baen. Maybe their guidelines called for different types. Or maybe I just didn't know which kind I should write and did them both. I do things like that, even with those dreaded synopsis things.

And I sent a bio off for my chapbook, Honorbound. I've had an email from the cover artist and a couple very nice notes from the publisher, including the one that said Jane Fancher and C.J. Cherryh said they will do cover blurbs for it.

Oh my. I am, of course, in heaven. Two of my favorite writers. Can a person get more lucky than this?

I believe Honorbound will come out sometime in or after January.

What else? Pip is sitting here with the two Siamese less than a foot away from him and everyone is calm and quiet. I've had the door to the office open all day and there hasn't been more than an occasional hiss in the entire house. The three new kits are not happy about the dog yet, but they'll get used to her. She so badly wants to just meet them.

And that is my news tonight. Time for me to get some sleep, I think.

It's going well...

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