Monday, October 27, 2003

(That's a sunbear by the way. Looks like a dog with EVIL claws.)

Edit added -- Actually, I've decided to just delete the post. It occurs to me that this really isn't worth the effort of explaining how I felt and try to clear up the misunderstanding. I'm sure we all have better things to do.

Ah, misunderstandings. Maybe posting so early in the morning was a bad idea. If I'd waited until now, I might have reconsidered and wondered if any kind of approach would be good, even one where I felt amused, mellow, or whatever. I get the feeling it's never going to matter what I say. I've repeatedly said Evolution was a good idea, and now apparently saying that I think they're going to grow up into a good site is a bad thing. Or maybe cute is just a bad word these days. And amusement is right out the door. (grin) Okay, maybe amusement isn't good. I guess if you want to be taken seriously, being amused by some small aspect of the site (and that's all posting at FM was, after all) is still going to look like an attack. I'm sorry they misunderstood, but I guess if you expect an attack, you'll find one.

Never mind. It hardly matters in the scheme of things.

And the scheme of things looks VERY good today.

I got a wonderful note from a reviewer last night on one of my books. The review will be up in a week or so. That can cheer a person right up. I've nearly finished cover art for someone, and I'm almost caught up on everything else. My copy editor asked me for a very minor change in The Lost Cause and I can probably have it done today if I just sit down and work on it.

I've got my outlines ready for NaNo, and I think I know which one I'm going with -- Mirrors, the urban fantasy. I think I'm writing it in first person, too which should be odd for me, at least for a longer story like this. The character is interesting, though. I'm looking forward to writing from Skye Emerald McFaelyn's view. I have an interesting background worked out for the magic side, and while I wish the outline had a bit more flesh to it, I can go with what I have.

Oh! And I signed my first book -- the title page for the short story in Wyrd Ravings. Russ was going to go meet with a long time friend who has been wonderfully supportive, so I signed it and sent it along. I would have liked to have been there, but I was suffering cold from hell still and didn't think I could sit through one of the several hour dinners we have with the guy. But Russ said he was just thrilled.

What else is going well?

Classes are set up for next month, and that looks good! I got to ask for the full manuscript to something for DDP -- another really nice feeling.

And we're supposed to have snow this weekend. I think I'm amused by that idea. It's a bit early in the year for it, but still -- it should be pretty.

Yes, all in all, not bad.

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