Monday, October 13, 2003

The good news today is that book 3 of the Dark Staff series, Crystal and the Stars, will be out this week. Yay! I just got the cover art and it looks very good!

Forward Motion is hosting a NaNo chat party on the 15th. We'll see if anyone is interested in showing up. It's an interesting little experiment anyway.

Beyond that... Got a few more notes done on one of the outlines, but I have to organize and type them into something coherent still. That seems daunting. If I could get at least one outline done, though, I would feel a lot better going into NaNo.

Although, quite honestly, I could go with any of the three I have right now. I know the basics of the stories, and I write well enough without any outline. I just like doing something like NaNo without any of the pauses that come from not knowing exactly what's going to happen next. Having a good outline will save me from that.

The question is still which one to do:

Journey to Winter (Traditional Fantasy)

Mirrors (Urban Fantasy)

Farstep Station (SF)

I should probably be thinking more about getting the other things done rather than focusing so much on NaNo already. Vision is coming together well -- we have some very funny and fun articles this issue. Great for ending out the year! I have a couple more pieces to go through for DDP, and I do need to look at two things to get ready for my own submissions in November.

Everything else looks very good!

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