Saturday, October 04, 2003

A few days ago Nonny wrote me to say that Robert had a troll and wondered if it might be the same one that I had trouble with in the emails. Today I had some time and I went to check things out.

First, I seriously doubt it's the same person. Robert's Troll could at least write real sentences, and posted on-line rather than anonymous letters -- obviously someone just in it for the thrill of being read. Which is kind of pathetic when you consider his subject matter. The posts were filled with 'oh, look at me, I know the names of real authors' and other silliness rather than 'I'm going to destroy your site/career' stuff. Why what Robert does bothers this person is beyond me. I really don't understand the motivations of people like that. What possible affect could Robert, his blog and his writing have on this other person's life?

Then I hit the post where someone accused Holly or me of being the troll.

And then I got angry.

I started to write a post there, but it wouldn't be fair to Robert to start up that sort of behavior in his blog (or live journal -- can't remember now).

So, let's talk about it now for a moment.

First, about Holly... Have any of you ever known Holly to hide behind anonymity? If she has something to say, she says it and puts her name to it, popular or not. The accusation that Holly would hang around Robert's journal to post nasty little remarks is sickening.

As for me, I've not hid behind anonymity either. For instnace, I had some disagreements with Nonny over things she did in the past. I told her so. I've said it publically. I think the group's handling of 'come away to talk secretly about a new site' was badly thought out. But I still think that Evolution is a good idea, just as I thought the erotica site was a great idea. And like the chat-related 'secrets,' I thought the people involved in the last problem ought to at least be aware of how badly timed it looked, not posting anything at all and then showing up for trouble. Was it intentional on their part? Probably not, but that didn't change the truth of the timing.

Guess what? I've had disagreements with a hell of a lot of people, and so has nearly everyone else in the world. It just happens that most of mine are on-line. I've disagreed with people before and I will again. I've always done it upfront and without pretense of being someone else.

I am not Robert's troll.

And the worst thing? Until this point I had never said or done anything to the accuser to make them think I would do such a thing. I wasn't even aware that she had left FM.

On the other hand, maybe I ought to be amused that someone basically said they can't tell my writing from Holly's. I guess it might be time to go professional after all... (grin)

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