Thursday, November 29, 2007

That's Zaphod, asleep behind me on the chair. It was hard to get the camera pointed at him without moving so much that I woke him up. Is that cute or what?

I finally -- finally -- got into the swing of writing tonight. That's good, because other wise I wasn't going to get done with the work. I think I'm still going to write some more before I go to bed.

I'm barely going to make 200k, though, from the looks of it. I’m running out of story. I don't think Gift will be more than 40k -- and I really don't care. The other three are 50k -- or at least they will be. I still have to write a couple thousand more for Guild.

This was not my favorite NaNo, but it wasn't NaNo's fault. It was just not a good month. Oh, and I had a power outage today during a wind storm. That was really helpful. And the odd problem that came up with the newsletter. I spent several hours trying to track that one down since it had to go out today.

I wish I could say that December is going to be better, but for many reasons it will not. Still hoping Russ will be home for Christmas though.

Okay, it's a bit after 3 am. I'm going to do a little more writing and then sleep for a while.

Here is today's small snippet:

"He's always like that," Brisen said. "If there weren't the rest of us to take care of him, he'd kill himself on some fool gesture to protect his friends."

"Survived to get here," Peri said, trying to make light of the situation.

"Be still, mage," Brisen unexpectedly ordered. "And I think you only survived this long because you had no friends to protect."

That silenced him with realization that the man was right. It stunned him.

"Peri?" Brisan said, concerned.

"Just -- hadn't thought about that before. They were on even ground, and it was easier. "Never had friends before I washed up on the Kalia shore."


"I was -- am -- a half breed mage."

"Childhood friends?" Brisen asked, perhaps distracting himself with the conversation. He looked like he was starting to falter with exhaustion, and Cattalus couldn't be much stronger, though perhaps more used to this kin of hardship.

"I was the son of a Kolti soldier, living in Tassan," Perseus said. "Children can be every bit as bigoted as adults, and often twice as cruel."

"I'm sorry, Perseus. "Brisen looked over his shoulder and then back down at him. "I didn't mean --"

"No matter." Peri's hand fluttered in a weak dismissal. "What I was then doesn't matter any more. Since I came here, things have been different. I like it here."

"Only because you've been delirious through most of it," Stephan replied. "Let me take him for a while, Brisen."

"No, your grace. I have him and we haven't far to go."

"Call me Stephan."

"I'm sorry. I forgot. I suppose it would be safer not to point out any of you as men of rank."

"Besides, Stephan is my name and all my friends call me that."
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Gabriele C. said...

That is one cat? :)

Get that book written and published already. :)

Valerie Comer said...

Oh my, poor Zaphod. Ever wonder why THEY don't seem to get kinks in their necks from the angles they sleep at?

Glad the power outage didn't last too long and that it came back on okay. Hang in there Zette.

cherylp said...

Only a cat could sleep like that. If we tried it, we'd be permanently damaged.