Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 14: 8110 (21,106 Book, 138,191 total)

I have a headache. I have the kind of headache where I can't even see right. I have just finished up other work (mostly). I am going to bed.

Here is a short excerpt.


"Do you think we're going to find anything?" Cailin asked.

"Here? I don't know. Eventually, yes. Because I will not give up."

"You are far too devoted to your work, Zerod Argentine."

"And you think that's why I don't give up?" he asked, glancing her way. They had little light, and that only from the robo's panel.

She gave him a quick look and then bowed her head. "My apologies. I keep thinking of you as something different than what you are. Assassin is a bad term, you know."

"It's a good term. It relays to people that I will do what I need to, and that I am mandated by the Fringe Council to do so. People do take me seriously for it."

"Yes, they do that," she agreed. "But it's still not what you are."

"It is part of what I am. But we long ago gave up the work of being nothing but hired killers. There was not much work for that business -- or at least not the work we wanted to take on."

"I hadn't considered it that way. I always supposed there was someone who wanted another dead."

"Always. But, because we accepted a mandate from the Fringe Council, we agreed to limit what we did to work where it would have been impossible for anyone else to catch the person. And we have to prove, beyond any doubt, that the person needed to be killed. It limits what we do."

"Ah. And makes you far more human."

"I imagine so." He looked ahead, frowning. The tunnel was opening a little. He hurried a little more, glad to see they would at least be out of the confines of the tunnel. There would be a different access from upstairs, and he might find some information along that path if he found nothing here.

They stepped into a large area filled with crates of some sort -- supplies or back ups, he couldn't be certain. He saw the robo going for the door to the central core --


Stupid mistake.

He grabbed Cailin and threw her down behind the nearest crate as the door exploded.
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