Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day 4: 9166 (55,327 total)

As I suspected, Reflections is coming in at about 60k. That's not a bad amount for a first draft for me, so I'm quite happy. I'm already jotting down notes of things to add and change. I might even do some of the adding during NaNo, but for the most part, I suspect that I'll be done with it tomorrow. The question is really what I'm going to write next.

It's gone well, though. I'm happy with the basic story, though I know there is a lot of stuff I have to add in to make it a little more exciting.

I probably could have done more tonight, but I wasn't feeling great and I have the newsletter to finish up, so I think that's it for now. I'm going to do the other work and then head for bed!

And here is a very short snippet for tonight:

We were nearly out of time. Midnight was almost upon us, and I could feel the power growing and leaching away at me. I'd be dead soon. But maybe --

"Let the girls go. I'll stay. The others will take the girls and leave."

"Skye!" Cherry cried out, afraid.

I pulled free of Darion and stayed on my feet. "Do this and you will not have a fight with them. If you do not, Ill have Darion kill me now, and you won't have the power at all."

The gargoyle blinked. I had surprised it. "You could not --"

Darion brought out his knife. "If the choice is to see them all die, and you gain power, I will do it, gargoyle. I will do it, and then I will come and kill you."

I had never heard such hatred in his voice before. It was a live thing, that hatred. It danced like fire through the air, swarming around us. I hadn't known fae were capable of such things and I wished it wasn't for me -- but the Gargoyle, at least, looked worried.

"Let the girls go. And let Skye go as well, if you are at all wise. Because if you don't, there will be a feud between the fae and the gargoyles, and you cannot win against us."

"Feud for this half-breed," he said, contemptuous.

"He is befriended by the Queen of the Fae herself. Do you think she'll look away? Are you wiling to take that chance?"

"Give your word you will not kill the half-breed if I let the girls go."

"You have my word," Darion said, and put the power of truth in the words.
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Don't trust him, Darion! (grin)