Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 21: 1232 (36974 Book, 154059 total)

We have heat in the house. This is good. It was a very cold day. We'll be billed for it later. The part cost $400 -- which we don't have, of course. But we will.

Russ leaves on Friday. This is a traumatic, depressing and somewhat frightening idea. He won't be back until Christmas, if he can get home then. After the furnace was fixed, we spent the time going to the store and trying to make sure I had enough supplies to get by for a month.

I know it will go pretty fast, really. It's just that it's only the first month. There are so many after that, stretching off into who knows how long.

We've been together for thirty years. It's not going to be easy.

Little snippet, because I'm not writing much. Or writing well, for that matter:

Cailin and Zerod didn't waste time. The only hope they had was that they had arrived unseen, and wasting that until someone spotted them was useless.

Zerod had never been part of a straight forward attack before. He had never planned to be. He was reminded again that his work, while deadly enough and dangerous, didn't include running straight at people with weapons. He kept close to Cailin, though only partly to protect her. She had her sensor set to read the hot points of laser weapons, and by that he could pick out all the weapons in the area and see where the enemy was.

They ran in -- it was unnatural and it was frightening -- and if he hadn't known a friend was in danger on the other side, he might have been slower to rush in.

And the concept of friend seemed odd all on its own.

He was quick to pick his targets -- to choose the ones the others might have more trouble hitting. He was good at his work, and as long as he kept his head now, he did all right.

Do his work.

And his work sense screamed that this was wrong. The moment the enemy began to retreat, he felt an even stronger sense of trouble than he had before. Something wrong --

Royce was working his way out of the alley, ready for trouble still as well. He looked relieved as Zerod and Cailin worked their way closer. It had been a close call.

Not right!

He was only a yard from Royce when he thought to pull is sensor and check --

Hot spot on the wall of the building to the right. Not a weapon -- a person.

He looked up in time to see the assassin throw his dagger.
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Valerie Comer said...

I'm so glad you were able to arrange for heat. It was cold here yesterday too and I was thinking of you as I just turned the knob. I know it will be (has been) a tough time for you but I'm praying it all works out.