Friday, November 30, 2007

14,023 -- 210,575 NaNo words

That's my desk at the end of NaNo.

There. I'm done with NaNo for the year. Not a bad count, by the end. There were more times this year that I thought just to give up on it than I've ever have before. But I finished four stories -- Reflections, Storm, Working for the Guild and Gift. The last came in short, but since I'm well over the minimum 50k to win, I don't think it will matter much at all. I'm glad to have a working draft done, at least.

I was depressed when I got done and Russ wasn't here to celebrate with. He's always been great about doing stuff like that, and making me think it was important. He's only been gone a week. It's going to be a very long year.

And it looks like we're going to have a nasty storm tomorrow -- rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow. I am just so looking forward to this, and having to shovel snow for two houses. Russ always did it before. I'm sure I didn't appreciate it nearly enough.

Now I have to go do a bunch of stuff for FM and get things ready for December. Then, I think, I'm going to play with DAZ Studio for a while. And start work on the new newsletter, since I need to get to that pretty soon, too.

So. . . . Still busy. Time to get to work, I guess.

Last snippet -- from Gifts:

Keshrin silenced him with a shake of his head, and then bent to lift the hilt of the sword that still lay on the stone road at their feet. "Peri, what is this?"

"A sword."

"What kind of sword? Why did Civilis use it against you?"

"Because it is a Holy Sword," Peri said and tried not to look at the broken blade and the little bit of blood there.

"It is a broken Holy Sword. Why did it break?"


Keshrin picked up the other piece and held it as well. Peri looked down at it confused. He wasn't up to playing these kinds of word games right now.

"Peri," Keshrin said looking into his face again. "Who broke the sword? You?"


"No," Keshrin agreed. He looked into Peri's face. "I believe it was the work of the gods, Perseus. I believe it no less than anyone else here. And if the gods stand by you, how can I not?"

Peri looked at him, blinking several times. Miracle. He had not really put the entire scene together in his mind. Gods, this was going to take some getting used to.

"I cannot -- this can't be --"

"We'll stay with you," Tomas said and grinned. "Have faith, mage."

Perseus groaned at the joke, and Quintus looked as though he was quite appalled to find them jesting over what had happened.

"Will there be any more trouble from Civilis?" Stephan asked, looking in the direction the man had fled.

"No," Quintus said. He shrugged. "I ordered him into protective custody and escorted back to Kolti as quickly as possible. After all, he was in serious danger from the crowd that had witnessed this miracle."

Peri winced at the word. He feared he would have to get used to it.

"I don’t know what will happen when he gets back to the capital," Quintus said. "My men will get there first, but that still doesn't mean anything good. I am yours, at least for now, King Keshrin. I suggest we move quickly against the Tasali."

Keshrin nodded, relief spreading all through the group. "Come with us, if you would. There is a place we can go to talk. It's a long walk, but one I think important -- I want the people to see we are allies, General Quintus."

"I would be honored," he said.
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Gabriele C. said...

The name Civilis had me grin. There's a historical guy with that name - Julius Civilis who led the Batavian (a German tribe in what is now the Netherlands) rebellion against Rome in 69/70 AD. Despite his name, he was a Batavian himself, but got the Roman citizenship and took a Roman name then. The rebellion was subdued by Vespasian, and the Batavians continued to serve as auxiliaries in the Roman army for another 350 years. Civilis' fate is not known.