Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 17: 2163 (30,333 book, 147,418 total)

Nothing is decided. Don't know if Russ will take the New York job or the Omaha job. Don't know if I will be in this house or the other house. Don't know if we will have heat in either house.

Have to have a decision and everything settled by Thursday.

Can you say stress?

And yes, it began to take it's toll on my writing the last few days. Today, I could not get moving for anything. I finally did something I probably should have done a few days ago. I started working on outline notes and writing them at the end of what I'd already written. As I write the full story, those sections will be replaced, so it's really not going to affect my word count in the end.

I actually made progress on the story that way, and I think tomorrow I can get true writing done on the story. Or maybe I'll work a little bit more on the outline and see if I can get it all the way to the end.

So you get to see how it works for me. My snippet is the last two (boring) paragraphs I'd written, and where I just coulnd't go on. After that, you'll find 8 outline sections. I had no idea I was going to write any of this until I got to it. I'm looking forward to actually writing the scenes now. I actually have 36 sections written out now. I haven't quite seen the ending yet. (Although, just as I wrote that, another piece fell into place.)

How many words will these be when I actually write them? I don't know yet. This story has to be at least 50k, so I need (taking the length without the outline) about 23k more. Say 25k to be safe, and I think that means each section would have to be close to 700 words. Since I will have more sections, that count would go down. If I want the story to be more than 50k, the count will go up. Right now, I'm just looking at 50k because my brain will not last through anything more stressful right now. So.... if I add another 14 sections (not a huge amount!) then each section has to generate 500 words of story. Some can be more, some less, but that's not really too bad when you take in dialogue, action, a few descriptions.

This might work.


Royce nodded as they headed toward the elevator. Zerod was glad to have him go along, if for no other reason than to have a second pair of eyes to watch.

He had not looked closely at the ruins since he had almost been buried beneath it. It looked no better for having shifted -- and no smaller or less terrifying. He keyed off the barrier and stepped inside the perimeter of the garden, but he was not going to go within the debris. He wasn't suicidal.

1. Still can't figure out second bomb. Feels that it is some important clue to what's going on.

2. Royce suggests that he stay at Felisa Corp compound now. Zerod agrees since he can't use is own usual methods for staying safe. Royce nods and steps aside to get his suite set up.

3. They work for the rest of the afternoon and late into the night. Bits and pieces that make more sense now. Just don't know why.

4. Finally retires. Shocked to find Cailin in his room. She says Royce told her it would be wise if she stayed at the compound for a few days and set her up in this suite. Both grateful to him.

5. Gentle night. Calming night. They are both better for it, and neither tries to stop the other from going to work.


6. Working through information. One day and nothing. Two days and nothing. By third day, tension everywhere, which Zerod can feel. Makes it more difficult to work. Can't find a reason to go back to the hotel and risk others just so he can get out.

7. Cailin calls, invites he and Royce to an early lunch. Royce asks if she would like to come there. No, need to stay close to office. Meet me at fish place we loved.

8. Zerod thinks they may be taking too much of a chance, meeting like that. Someone bound to be monitoring the calls. Royce says he knows. Truth is, he and Cailin both hate fish. If someone tries to find the fish place, they're going to searching a long time. But he knows she's really talking about the Aquarium.
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