Saturday, September 22, 2007

Problems at FM

As some of you have probably noticed, there are some ongoing problems at the FM site today. Mar is working on one part (So please don't email her to bother her! She already knows!), and I'm working on another part of it. We hope things will be cleared up soon.

So just hold on.

And maybe go write something to keep you busy. (grin)
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Jean said...

Go write something...excellent advice. I hope the problems work out quickly.

Anonymous said...

I am an inveterate lurker who in more than ten years online has posted maybe ten comments to various blogs, one of them to you back when you adopted Zaphod and Edmond. And after your posting this last picture of Zaphod and you comment about the irrational attitude of some people doing NaNo, I just have to comment again.

First about Zaphod. I have six cats of my own, littermates from a momma cat my daughters rescued, so I do know something about the little darlings and take pride in being called a cat lady. And so it should mean something when I say this: that shot of Zaphod is the best cat picture I have ever seen, period.

And in fact, I enjoy your photography so much that I download a lot of the pictures you so generously share and use various sets of them for screen savers. It's past time that I said thank you for all the pleasure your pictures give me. And I mean all of them, too, Zette -- not just the cats, but all the zoo animals, the wildlife shots. And sometimes most of all the art shots that you take of rain and lights. Thank you.

Now, as for the pitiful people who are upset with you because you write fast, hmm. Let's just put it this way, since you are a lady and I pretend to be: they really are pitiful and completely beneath your notice.

I don't write as fast as you do, but I write faster than most of my writerly friends, so I do know how uncomfortable you are when you have to admit that you have written 4K while someone else has struggled to get his minimum. When I said all this to my daughter who is also a writer, she asked me in how many other endeavors does the person who finishes first or finishes fastest feel obligated to apologize for their speed? People paint and stitch and sculpt at different speeds, and NO ONE thinks the ones who finish first are necessarily the best or are jealous over it. Maybe they took their time with their own art to do it their way. Being fast means -- ta da! -- being fast.

I am so glad you will be doing NaNo! I've done it for three years now, and it's fun, and I have three partials and this year a prequel to show for it.

You go for it, girl.