Thursday, September 06, 2007

Almost There

FM is very nearly up and running at the new site. Actually, it is there, and you have Margaret to thank for all the hard work and figuring it out. If it had been me, we would have scrapped everything and started with something new because I never would have gotten it fixed.

And we need to thank Holly Lisle, too. It turned out that the transfer of domain name to me never went through on GoDaddy back all those years ago, and it was still in her name. She's started the process to get it over to me again. I remember setting all that up, but something must not have completed.

I have spent the day in bed with a horrible sinus headache that made it impossible for me to even sit up for most of the time. Better now, and I'm waiting for an email from GoDaddy to get the rest of this done.

We're almost there.
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Valerie Comer said...

Yay Hugs and Congrats! Now get some sleep and take care of yourself.

Maripat said...

I echo Val. Congrats on all the hard work. Now please take care.

Zette said...

The site is in the final steps of moving. Some of you may start seeing it before I do. Just let me know.

Jatol's last servers went down today, so we barely got out in time. If I had not been warned by someone who had dropped out of FM, but came back to tell me, we would have been sitting here right now with no site at all.

So really, there are a lot of people to thank.

tambo said...

Glad you got all your data.

My site's Jatol hosted and it's still up and running. I'm all backed up, tho, and researching new hosts. I'm glad you and Holly blogged about it, or I'd never have known.

Zette said...

I'm so sorry! I forgot you were there! This has been such a sudden thing that I didn't even remember some of the sites I run for other people that were there until Russ reminded me of them.

Linda said...

Glad to hear that Forward Motion was saved. Thanks to Holly, Zette, and Margaret!

Gabriele C. said...

And it's there!

*jumps up and down a bit, but carefully so Zette won't wake up* :)

Claire said...

Woo, I see it to now!

Thanks Zette, Mar, Holly, and everyone else that helped.

Valerie Comer said...

I could *see* it Thursday evening, so now that it's been put online I'm in. Looks like its fine, Zette.

E.B.L. Gorton said...


**hands motrin for your poor head**

Thank you so much Zette for all the work to keep FM going.

Jean said...

I hope your poor head is feeling much better.

Wonderful work on everyone's part -- from the person who tipped you off to everyone who made sure we were backed up and could move, to the people who made the move possible and a reality.

Hat tip!

Oh, I picked it up at the office around mid-day today, and it was available at home when I got here tonight. Hope you've been able to get in. Everything looks great!